Become a Voter Protection Volunteer!

Voter protection programs are powered by volunteers like you — and it takes all of us doing our part to ensure that elections are free, fair, and accessible for all voters!

Voter protection programs in battleground states need volunteers to serve in many important capacities:

  • Poll watchers observe in person at polling places and report back on issues affecting voters. (Requires service in person)
  • Hotline volunteers take phone calls from voters, respond to questions, and help them overcome issues affecting their ability to vote. (Can be done remotely)
  • Ballot monitors observe at elections offices as officials open, process, and scan ballots. (Requires service in person)
  • Ballot board members / vote review panelists adjudicate ballots according to state law, in cases where there is some question as to how the voter intended to vote. (Requires service in person)
  • Ballot cure volunteers help voters whose ballots have been rejected. (Can be done in person or remotely)
  • Local litigators are available in case litigation is necessary on election day. (Requires service in person)
  • County liaisons attend local board of election meetings and advocate for voter protection causes, such as initiatives to make voting easier and more accessible for voters. (Requires that you live or work in the community where you serve)

Interested in volunteering? Sign up to serve as a voter protection volunteer for the 2024 cycle. Go to our “Contact Us” page and send us a message. We’ll follow up and help you get plugged in to a voter protection program!